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We cordially invite you to take part in the weekend event starting with the participants Vehicle display on Saturday 6th July from noon to 4.00pm and an Evening of entertainment including a BBQ at The Norton Park Hotel near Winchester.


Sunday 7th July at 8.26 am we re-enact the historic 5th July 1895 journey by pioneer automobilist the Hon Evelyn Ellis (Evy) and recorded by his passenger Frederick Simms. Their route was on the unpaved Old London Coaching Road from Micheldever Station to Evy’s riverside home in Datchet. They drove his newly acquired 1895 French left hand drive Panhard et Levassor Petroleum Motor Carriage in contravention of the law at a speed in excess of 4 miles per hour and without an attendant walking in front with a red flag.

This re-enactment is a non-competitive event of approximately 48 miles (24 miles for pedal cycles) and is open to all makes and types of 2, 3 or 4 wheeled mechanical vehicles built up to 31st December 1904. Entry vehicles can be powered by Petroleum, Spirit, Steam, Electric and including pedal cycles and other horseless mechanical road transport with or without motor power.


The headquarters hotel is the 4 star Norton Park Hotel, Sutton Scotney, Nr Winchester, Hampshire SO21 3NB.  We have a limited number of rooms allocated at a special rate please contact the Events Co-ordinator (Tel 01962 763007 / 763000) and quote reference “The Ellis Journey” to book these rooms.




The Entrant /Driver is responsible for ensuring that their vehicle is road-worthy at all times and complies with all UK legal and safety requirements. In addition we would recommend vehicles are fitted with a rear view mirror, rear reflectors, an audible horn or warning device and carry a hazard warning triangle and fire extinguisher.


We are able to offer overnight parking for cars & trailers in Datchet close to the finish, on Saturday night. We can also offer free transport for those who have booked parking, back to the Norton Park Hotel on Saturday. 


This is a fun event with a lot of the general public seeing us at the start, on route and at the finish so we would encourage you and your passengers to wear period dress and you could win a small prize, if dressing up is not for you perhaps just a Bowler or Top hat.

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